This is the end.

When all I’ve been
Consider myself
And thought I’d be forever
Is stripped from me;
All we’ve built
Torn down and trampled
All we’ve won
Blithely discarded
All we might have been
Dismissed and signed away.
A different sun will rise tomorrow;
A new night fall when all is done.

And this
Is just
The beginning.

5 thoughts on “Fin

    • Thank you, Charles; tomorrow will certainly be painful, and a true beginning; but as yet, no one (including those who really, really should) seems know exactly what they are starting – and even less how it will end! (Badly, one suspects.) N.

    • Thank you John; the publishers have arranged a couple of launch events in Brighton next month, and I’ve been asked to speak at the Farnham Festival of Cycling (!) in July, so we’ll see how it goes! It’s already in its first reprint, apparently, which I guess means someone, somewhere, is buying it.

      I’ve taken the whole Brexit very hard, actually; much harder than I ever expected to. I’ve thought of myself as a European, rather than a Brit, since I was a teenager, way back in the 1980s, when I was doing A level French and listening to Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk! I do feel something very profound has been lost in this debacle, and I’m now in a country I don’t recognise, heading for a future I want no part of. I’m sure I’ll find a way through it, but it won’t be today. Hope all is well with you. N.

  1. I pre-ordered your book from, Nick. I’m sorry Brexit is going forward, but here in the states we’re dealing with Trump and missiles. The world has taken a dark, dark turn, but you are a published author! So not all is lost.

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