Hope re-Kindled?


With no little trepdiation, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just released my first Kindle book, Letter of Wishes.

For this collection, I’ve brought together over 40 sonnets, plus an introduction and notes – so even at the princely sum of £1.91, I reckon it’s pretty good value!

Whether it works remains to be seen, but for the first time in ages I’m feeling excited and, dare I say it, even a little hopeful – and if that’s all it achieves, it’ll still have been worth it. This is very much a ‘trial run’: subsequent titles – and I already have several in the pipeline – will be far more polished, now I’ve got to grips with Kindle Direct Publishing. I’ve also been talking to a friend who’s a very talented illustrator about some collaborative projects: watch this space.

And of course I’ll still post on this blog: poetry , after all, a calling, not a career.

Thank you to everyone who’s been so generous with comments and encouragement over the last couple of years: you know who you are, and how much this means. N.


8 thoughts on “Hope re-Kindled?

  1. Well done Nick.

    I am not yet the possessor of a Kindle but if Father Christmas is good to me your book will be top of my list.

    I look forward to future books
    There is something very special about illustrated books, so I do hope you go down that direction


  2. I shall buy this tomorrow, Nick. Do you know if it is only on Amazon in Britain, or is it available in the U.S. too? I am really proud of you. I can hardly wait to get a copy. Well done. Well done. I will be trying to catch up with my reading one of these days, but right now I am not doing as well as I would like at that pleasure. This is really big news!

    • Great to hear from you, my friend; hope things quieten down for you soon.

      The e-book is available on amazon.com – I’m really excited at the thought of my first international sale! And this is really your book as much as mine: I would never have dared even contemplate such a venture, let alone gone ahead with it, without your encouragment and support. Thank you so much.

      I can also reveal that I’m now working on a follow-up, with fantastic original illustrations by a very talented graphic-designer friend of mine. I can hardly wait to put it together and get it out there – watch this space!

      My very best to you both, as always. Nick.

      • Oh, wow! An illustrated book is a great idea, especially if you have a friend who can do that. Marketing on kindle is a secret I have not been able to discover. I put my novel, Salt Bear, on kindle, but it has not sold very many copies. I also printed it in paperback form, and it has sold as many copies as I had time to make. If I can get retired I have some ideas that way. You’ll make an international sale this morning for sure.

    • Hi Ina

      I have been SO BAD at replying to you and everyone else just lately – I’m so sorry. Lots of work, nasty cold, too much to do: reasons, but not excuses.

      I don’t have a Kindle, but you can download a (free) software *thing* from the Kindle store that lets you read Kindle books on a PC: they also work on iPads and iPhones, I’m told (nope, don’t have them either!)

      I’ve just submitted the second volume, which I like even more: it should go live in the next day or so. And you’ll be pleased to know that Dan and I will soon be putting together a print version with all 20 riddles from the two Kindle books, plus a few extras: will let you know when it’s on its way!

      As always


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