A spectacular development

After the eye-test

Guess I should have
Seen it coming:

After all
I had no trouble reading,
Out of my window,
The ‘For Sale’ sign
In front of a house
Five doors up
On the other side of the street;
Found poetry easiest
When held
At a metre
And my music-stand wandering
Out of the woodwind
Into the Violin Twos.

My new world’s corrected,
Framed and glazed over,
My light bounced off prisms
And everything made
A subtle illusion.

And finally,
I can see clearly
Just what it means
To be older.


Yup, it’s happened at last – I need glasses for reading. I dodged the bullet at my last eye-test two years ago, but I’m now officially long-sighted and there’s no getting out of it this time. I like to think my new specs will make me look distinguished and erudite: at the very least, it’ll be fun peering sternly at The Girl over the top of them.