Shadow of my former self


Been a while
Since I last saw
That once-familiar silhouette
Racing, keeping pace with me
Along the sunlit road.

I was a different organism then,
Precision-milled and smoothly-oiled,
Each day’s worth, and mine,
Minutely measured in hours and miles.

Most days now I see a softer, slower,
Mellowed me, the fact of being out here
More important than statistics. And should I catch
A sidelong glance of what I was
I wonder if I miss me.


Went out on the road bike for the first time in ages on Sunday. It was very foggy when I set out at 0900, but by 1200 the sun was out and I raced my shadow the last few miles home. The title of this poem popped into my head at that moment and the rest has followed.