An important statement

Let the record show: there is one man in England at least who, quite literally, couldn’t care less about the nonsense in South Africa. And that if makes me a traitor, I’ll happily spend the next month locked up in the Tower of London. Anything to get away from it all.

UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence)

For the duration
I’m not part of this nation.
I’m a breakaway republic of one,
Cutting all ties
Severing relations
And if I had an embassy
My diplomats would all have caught
The last plane out
Before I closed my borders.

I will not align myself
With the England
The world sees now –
Chanting, jeering
Bestial, bare-chested
Wrapping itself in the flag of St George
To hide its naked hate.

That corner of a foreign field
Is not the England I was born in
Walk my dog and ride my bikes round
Where I write, and raise my girl.
So please don’t look for me
Among those painted faces:
I am of a different stripe.
And I’ll be reunited with the Kingdom
When it’s all over.