The real work

I’m lucky enough to work at home most of the time, but occasionally, I have to quit my comfort zone and go elsewhere to earn a (more or less) honest crust. As part of my efforts to become a ‘proper’ writer, I’m training myself to write in different places and at odd times. It’s a good discipline, and keeps the brain ticking over.
So yesterday, having arrived at my clients’ offices a few minutes early, I got some iambic pentameter down on paper, just to remind myself what’s truly important, and what I’m really about.


There is no perfect moment: all we have
Is such time as the whirling world permits.
The minutes that an early start can save
Provide a refuge. Inspiration sits
And waits in corners of the crowded day;
These are the instants I must find and use.
Amid the work, I will find time to play
And be the man I can be when I choose.