Rhymes and reasons

Take paper, pen, and wait for words to flow.
Breathing suspended. All is possible.
The blank page stretches out; last night’s new snow
Untrodden, where we may plant footprints; show
The path we took, and others where to go.

Each poem is a map; a traveller’s guide
To strange lands we have passed through, wandering
Wide-eyed, alert and innocent inside
Our own heads; to the many roads we’ve tried,
The loves we’ve lost, the dreams we’ve been denied.

Like postcards from the places we have been
(Or wished we had); our reminiscences
Of roaring cities, cobbled streets, quiet green
Woods; eye-witness dispatches from a scene
Familiar, dreamt, and all points in between.

Like letters to an old friend – or maybe
We’re writing to ourselves in years to come:
To get ‘er down before she goes; so we
Need not depend on fickle memory
To tell us what we knew, and used to be.


One man’s take on this crazy art of ours – and a riposte to my inner critic, following our imagined conversation in the pub earlier this week! N.