Going dark

I am not
by nature
a quitter;

but I tell you now
I’m just about ready
to throw in the towel

when it comes
to what’s going on
in the world.

I’m done trying
to make sense
of events;

keeping pace
following the thread
seeing where any of this is going

and wondering whether
it’s me or Them
that’s finally gone insane.

No matter
how much
I see, hear, know

I’m no nearer
to understanding
or being able to change a thing:

They will do
what They will do
regardless of me and mine.

So at the risk
abandoning my post
I’m going dark

leaving Them to it
for a while
see if the sky falls in

and get back to the real work
the real world
They cannot touch or spoil.


2 thoughts on “Going dark

  1. Don’t know how much of the increasingly surreal events over here make it into the US media, but there certainly seems to be a kind of collective madness gripping our so-called political class just now. The deflection delusion and denial are positively Orwellian: people are making public straight-faced public statements that not only directly contradict things they’ve said before, but actually have no basis in reality; they are literally denying the evidence of their own eyes and ears. I really don’t know how they function as human beings, let alone politicians. And there’s no sign of it ending any time soon. Strange and worrying times.

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