Not a rehearsal

they say
is not a rehearsal.
And having given the matter
due dawn consideration
I am inclined to believe
they might be right.
After all
we don’t get a chance
to take it from the top
once more
with feeling;
no going back over
our errors, missteps
stumbled entrances, fumbled lines.
So I’ve always taken the cliché to mean
that life must, therefore
be a performance:
but who would willingly
take on the role;
saying our piece, making our moves
with little prospect of applause, just reward
or even a good review
for a run that only ever ends
one way.
No. On balance, Life is, I think,
more an audition:
each day we must take a deep breath
step into that spotlight
open our hearts
strut our stuff
reach down deep
give our all
in the hope that it will be
And some days
it is.
And some days
they’ll let us know.


7 thoughts on “Not a rehearsal

    • Thank you John – but I can only aspire to the depth and breadth of thought I see in your work 🙂 All well here: our daughter has returned safely to her studies in Aix-en-Provence, and we’re looking forward to visiting her next month. Trust life is treating you and yours kindly, too. N.

      • Well that’s good news. Yes, we are okay thank you. Getting older, collecting more minor signs of age! But Covid-free and starting to think that we might be able to travel to NZ again to see our two daughters there and their families. Hope so anyway.

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