Dream horse

Let me walk out of this dream
Into a field just touched by morning
There to find a fine horse standing
Low gold fire on his dark back.

I would approach him, hand held out
In truce. Gifts given, he would deign
To have me stroke his arching neck,
Speak softly in his all-hearing ear.

He would understand; we would be friends.
In his bulk and warmth and strength
I would lose my fears, my smallness,
Forget all other things.

He waits for me, quiet and patient
Just beyond the edge of thought.
But still the fence broods, high and solid
And I cannot find the gate.

4 thoughts on “Dream horse

    • LOL. We have a similar line: it’s not far, but I wouldn’t start from here. Another favourite from our corner of the Sussex countryside is: it’s about five miles, but if you hurry, you can do it in three. And then there’s our unofficial county motto: sometimes I sits and thinks; and sometimes I just sits. Have a great weekend. N.

  1. Thank you John, as always for your kind, considered words. Horses have always been more than just horses for me; there’s something liminal and talismanic about them. For various reasons (mainly practical and financial) I haven’t ridden for many years, but as someone said to me when I was a horse-mad teenager: once the bug bites, you stay bitten! N.

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