Wish I could declare
A republic of myself;
A polity of one
With humane statutes,
And no bronze statues.
I’d open up my borders
Live in lasting union with the world
And in my sovereignty
Extend the hand of amity
To all. But here I am
An enclave in a hostile land
Overlooked and overruled
A subject of a tarnished crown
Beneath a ragged, bloody flag,
Gazing out across the water
Wondering helplessly
At the wretched state I’m in.


5 thoughts on “UDI

  1. Indeed. Joining a monastery has a definite appeal. And compared to living in Johnson’s Covid-19 ravaged Britain, being stranded alone on a waterless atoll or the smouldering wreckage of a space station seems like a promotion! N.

    • Thank you, John; always a joy to hear from you. Must confess I’m struggling a bit at the moment. Still working, which is good, but can’t shake off a sense of doom and futility hanging over everything. If Covid-19 doesn’t kill, us, Brexit will, it seems. What a time to be alive! N.

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