Over the hill?

There’s really no need
To paint
In large mocking letters
On this thirteen-percenter:
I’m not about
To flout the speed limit here;
It’s all I can do
To keep this small gear
Just going over
And my two wheels turning.
With legs and lungs burning
Approaching the top:
Can’t stop. Kicks up again:
More pain
Piled on. Now. Just one
More push and it’s done.
And suddenly
Lets go of me
And I’m no longer quietly dying
But flying.


2 thoughts on “Over the hill?

  1. There’s a hill on the way towards San Diego near the university campus…as you start the climb…there’s a sign “This is going to hurt.”…a bit later “Can you feel it yet?”…still more…”Hurts doesn’t it?”…and near the crest…”You’re almost there.”…thought you might enjoy that given your poem.

    • I would love to see that, Charles – and thank you for the much-needed smile. So much better for the morale than being told I’m SLOW in five-foot letters; as though I don’t know that, or can do anything about it! Trust all’s well. N.

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