A long road


My bicycle has brought me
Through country lanes, quiet woods
And up a short, steep hill
To this almost-forgotten church
Where the old dead dream deep
Beneath tumbled, lichened stones
Lost in drifts of summer flowers.

And I could be content
Were it not for knowing
Even this sublime machine
Will never bear me where I truly wish:
Back through years to times when we
Had seen and lived through none of this;
All things lay up ahead, yet to be.

So I must choose: inter all hope
To moulder like these ancient worthies;
Vainly seek a road that runs
Against the flow of Time;
Or climb on, breathe deep, look ahead
And take the onward way again
To all I fear, and cannot know.

2 thoughts on “A long road

  1. They’re 16″ wheels – and, yes, I was expecting to be working a lot harder than when riding conventional 700c road or 29″ mountain-bike wheels. But being so small they accelerate very quickly, and with the tyres pumped up to 100psi they roll along very sweetly indeed – and while it’ll never outrun a proper road bike, it’s faster than it looks! I’m actually enjoying the fact that it makes me take my time, while the upright position encourages looking around and taking in the view. Have to say getting to know the Brompton has been one of the true bright spots in otherwise rather dark times. Hope all’s well with you; we’re with you in spirit over here. N.

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