For Thomas Davis

To wander is the privilege of youth;
Explore new lands, sleep under different skies,
Run lightly through the world, uncover truth
Through work, play and the counsel of the wise.
We follow diverse paths en route to find
The true course of our lives; these are the years
To test and try; make up, then change, our mind,
When all we have to lose is sleep, and tears.
Now I am old – or old enough to know
When time’s right to retire my travelling shoes
And settle to the row that’s mine to hoe:
Take up the tools I best know how to use.
How far I’ve come to find myself back here;
My strength restored, my path and purpose clear.

4 thoughts on “Returning

  1. Thank you John, as always. Tom has been one of my three great sources of inspiration and courage as a writer here on WordPress down the years: the others are Charles (Read Between The Lines) – and you.
    I wrote this for Tom because he gave me a reason to look back through my work; in so doing I realised had lost something (or had it taken from me by events) over recent years and needed to get back to what feels right and real to me. I’ve learned from going off on tangents and trying different approaches, but I now know there’s still a huge amount to do in the formal-verse space where I feel most at home. Thank you for the much-needed vote of confidence in my comeback piece! N.

  2. Thanks so much, Nick. You are a really top poet. I have always loved your work. Keep writing! And formal verse is really okay! The heck with those who sniff at it. Free verse is okay too, but the formalists are resting on the entire history of poetry dating back to Beowulf, Homer, the White Goddess, Chaucer, and even before that.

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