When is enough

How much of this
Do we have to take
Before the gloves come off
The game-face slips
And we rip away the last veneer
Of careful self-restraint;

When can I
Roar out, full-throated
That I am done;
Gone so far beyond
Sick and tired
Of the endless, senseless madness;
That I am good and ready
To set the streets aflame;

When will we
Cease watching, waiting;
See, finally, there is no hope
Outside ourselves
And rise, break down
The gates they hold against us –
Or have we now allowed too much
And left it far too late?

2 thoughts on “When is enough

  1. That’s actually a real possibility for us under a No Deal scenario, since there will be no equivalence on data protection laws between the UK and EU, we’ll be out of the EU’s Digital Single Market and much of the UK’s online economy is handled through data centres in Ireland. (On a minor, personal point, we’ll also have to pay larcenous mobile roaming charges in Europe again, having been relieved of them under EU law just two years ago.)
    As with all things Brexit-related, no one’s really thought through or explained the implications – or if they have, they’re certainly not telling us. Maybe I could send poems to you through the mail (assuming THAT still works) and ask you to post them online for me over there 🙂 N.

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