Downhill fast

I fear the sudden fall –
The shrieking plunge into the void
In all its shifting forms.
I have history here:
A lifetime’s toil in trying to tame
My rebel brain and its wayward chemistry.

Yet here I am
Hurling myself downhill
Rain-stung, wind-blasted
Into this blind curve
Poised on the point where what just can
And what just can’t be done converge.

So many years
Holding on so tight
But still just crazy enough –
And happy
In this moment
To be letting myself go.

4 thoughts on “Downhill fast

    • It is a wonderful piece, isn’t it? Danny is a legend: a true athlete and artist, and one of those rare riders who commands the respect of everyone in the sport, whatever their discipline. I have literally no idea how he does ANY of it, and I can assure you that my riding is a good more sedate and conventional; but I enjoy it as much as he clearly does! N.

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