Unspoken for

God knows they broke us too, back in oh-eight:
Sent years of struggle swirling down the drain;
Left short of everything but names to hate,
We railed and swore they wouldn’t win again.
We rolled our sleeves and got to work. The road
Out of the ruins left us bleeding, raw
And raging at the faceless few who showed
Contempt for us and all that we’d strived for.
But who speaks for us now? We will not stand
With those who serve themselves alone; nor raise
Our banner with the mob who’d cut our land
Adrift. What light for us in these dark days?
We have no voice, no power to decide
Our fate. On our watch, truth and reason died.


We’re seemingly having Brexit forced upon us here: across the Atlantic, our American friends now face the prospect of a POTUS few ever thought possible. For those of us getting by as best we can, neither May’s ‘sneering metropolitan elite’ nor Trump’s (justifiably) angry ranks of the ignored, marginalised and truly left-behind, these are troubling times indeed. And what’s more, it looks as though it’s all our fault. N.

5 thoughts on “Unspoken for

  1. And in France LePen, in my country Wilders. People are angry. Anger is never a good situation to make a decision. And they can’t say that the elections were lost by Clinton, as she did have most votes. It seems weird that one man now is in charge over 300 million people and has so much power in the world, while he has no clue about politics. He just yells stuff and now the elections are over, he won’t do what he said. He is a joke. A scary joker. Good poem 🙂

    • Thank you, Ina – Wilders and Le Pen are very worrying, but I believe (hope) that the good people of the Netherlands and France will have more sense and self-respect than to allow them anywhere near the levers of power. As for Mr Trump…
      The ineptitude, confusion and internecine warfare now paralysing the government here in Britain would be amusing and rather satisfying to watch were it not so deadly serious. All our hopes now are with M Charles Goerens MEP, from Luxembourg, who is proposing to allow those Brits who want it to apply for ‘associate membership’ of the EU. Where do I sign?! N.x

  2. The world has gone bonkers, Nick. This sonnet sums up the blackness I feel these days. In the U.S. I am concerned that the lifetime I have spent trying to do good through American Indian education is about to be blown away into an insane south wind that brings no rain, only drought and misery. I wonder if dust storms will blacken the sky horizon to horizon. At least Nick Moore is posting poetry again.

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