4 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Good questions, Nick. I am glad you are back. Here’s hoping that these questions are not endlessly relevant, but only are valid for this particular moment. On the other hand the world is spinning crazily at the moment. I value you, though, my friend.

  2. Thank you Tom, and apologies for my long absence. The EU referendum result was – and still is – a dreadful shock that has prompted something of an existential crisis. I was never a patriot, and my nationality was simply an administrative detail, of no more significance than my date of birth or social security number. Now, I am genuinely ashamed of this country and the sneering, small-minded, xenophobic face it presents to a snubbed and baffled world. It cannot end well, and while I have little regard for my own future, I am deeply fearful for my daughter and her generation. For the moment we are, it seems, truly adrift in the ocean – and we, the decent, moderate, thinking, outward-looking half of us, are told we have no further choice in the matter. We shall see. Because we are many – and mad as hell. N.

    • I’ve been wondering what you, John Stevens, and some of my other wordpress friends in England thought, Nick. From here it seems like a puzzling decision, sure to upset the apple cart. Sometimes upsetting the apple cart is good, of course, but sometimes its doesn’t work out too well. On the other hand, we have Donald Trump over here and his bleak version of insanity. I keep telling myself he can’t win, but then there is Brexit, which I didn’t think was winnable either. May you prosper, and the poetry of England prosper, in spite of the willful storms of human behavior and small mindedness.

      • Hello Thomas. My feelings about our recent referendum are much the same as Nick’s. At first I couldn’t believe it and felt utterly devastated. Now I think I begin to understand. Partly it was a protest vote I believe by those who don’t do well out of a cosmopolitan tolerant society against elites they don’t trust – which I suspect is what Donald Trump is banking on. But we also had a specific British crisis, almost an existential one, as people cannot forget the days of empire and can’t find a new role in the world – and moreover have been fed a distorted message about the EU for four decades. We will just have to get on with Brexit.
        Nice to see you posting again Nick, and these lines of yours have expressed things most succinctly and pertinently.

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