Shakespeare 400

Dare I presume to pen one word for thee,
The greatest of us all, whose works and fame
Ring round the globe? Have I audacity
Enough to dedicate lines to thy name?
The one who crowned great kings, broke lovers’ hearts,
Wrought new worlds, words and wonders on the page;
Unwound this mortal coil and all its parts,
Made us ourselves, and all the world your stage.
But dare I must; I have no other choice
As one alive in England at this hour:
Four centuries have passed, and still your voice
Compels my heart and hand. Such is your power.
Can words of mine do honour to this day?
I am no Will, but I shall find a way.


Had to write something to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of my one true hero, William Shakespeare, on 23 April. It’s a couple of days after the event, I know, but I had to summon enough courage before commemorating the ultimate sonneteer ! N.


4 thoughts on “Shakespeare 400

    • Thank you, Tom. There was a star-studded show at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford on Saturday, which was shown on the BBC: if you can find it on the internet, there were some wonderful moments. To hear Will’s words from the likes of David Tennant, Rory Kinnear and Ian McKellen makes me realise once again the true extent of his genius – and their extraordinary talents. N.

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