One last doha

Sometimes in sleep I walk the forest, wrapped in bear-skins,
Giving voice to tree and river, sky and stone.

Or ride a clean-limbed horse across the high dun prairie
Tuned in to the silent song of wind-washed grass.

Of nights my restless mind runs frantic through lampless streets,
A blade in every shadow, I will not speak;

Nor of sheet-twisting hours caught on some lightning-laced cliff,
My eyes and soul drawn ever towards the drop.

Today I wake to sun, empty roads, the west wind’s kiss.
What dream could conjure such a world, or promise?



Loving the doha, so just one more before I move on to something else! The first two lines were given to me by my friend, mentor and inspiration Thomas Davis, for whom no praise is too high, or expression of gratitude sufficient. N.

One thought on “One last doha

  1. Thank you Nick! I love your Dohas. I’ll try one one of these days. You have inspired me. You are such a great poet. Could you please send in some to The Lyric, the oldest poetry magazine in the U.S.? You really need to build a poetic career, as difficult as that seems. The Lyric’s address is: I know how much a pain getting published is, and even the best poets seem to get an acceptance letter in one out for ten submissions, but both Ethel and I have been doing better that that, and you are an extraordinary poet. You join John Stevens in that estimation.

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