Lottery of life

If I
were to win
eighty-seven million
tomorrow night
I honestly wouldn’t know
what to do with it all

(Or at least
not beyond
the first two hundred
grand or so).

My big win
would be
a simpler world
where I could get by
without needing
so much as a twenty

And just be left alone


So –

what kind of odds
would you give me
on that?



4 thoughts on “Lottery of life

  1. I love the poem and its shape Nick. I don’t think I’ll take up the lottery, though. I would rather rummage around in your poetry, especially when you can surprise as well as you do with this poem. It seems to me that there is more wealth in that.

    • Generous and wise as ever, Tom – thank you. As I’ve noted elsewhere, I’m with Robert Frost as far as free verse is concerned, so even here I couldn’t resist dropping in some rhymes. Glad you think it works. N.

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