Vanishing act

How I long
To stay lost;
Unheard, unseen,
All-but forgotten;
Off the chart
And out of time.

Walking, hidden
In some deep hollow of the hills
Among old oaks
Or way beyond
The low-tide line
Where none but the gulls and wild winds go.

Wilfully mislay myself;
Step off the road,
Rip the map into a thousand shreds
And watch them spin away.
Cut the line
And all the ties that bind.

No more words;
Just thoughts and birdsong, breeze and sun.
Nothing moving faster than the clouds,
No voices but the trees’ deliberations.
Only the shadows to show the hour;
Nothing to do, and all day to do it in.

11 thoughts on “Vanishing act

  1. Hi Nick, Im on a blogging break just now, for various reasons, but felt I had to pop in and respond to this fabulous poem to which I could relate so much. It resonated loud and clear and I’ve kept it in my iPad notes so I can access it to read again whenever I feel the need. As always, so skilfully written. I hope you are ok. xx

    • Lovely to hear from you, Christine. I’ve been on a blogging break myself, mainly because I haven’t had the time, or anything worth a damn to say! I’m hoping to get back into writing this year; I rather lost the plot in 2015. Hope all’s well with you, too. xx

      • Glad to hear you are writing again. Im ok thanks, although early in December John. (other half) and I were both admitted to hospital together, with pneumonia.; it felt surreal! Anyway we are both slowly on the mend but its been difficult. And at the end of Feb huge alterations to the house are beginning to make it MS friendly for me, so blogging is on the back burner for now but Im still attending a writing group every Friday. 😊 xx

  2. Nick, you are such a great poet. I am having a challenge doing much on wordpress these days. I’m not sure why, but I come to your site every once awhile and am always amazed. I, like a lot of people, have what Ethel in one of her poems says, “I have become accustomed to aloneness,” and welcome the aloneness. Your skill is just wonderful. Keep writing, my friend.

    • It always does me good to hear from you, my friend. I’ve actually done a pretty good job of remaining invisible for the last few months, through pressure of work and a long creative dry. But I shall take your words to heart. Thank you once again for your encouragement. Hope all is well with you and Ethel. N.

  3. Hi Nick, good to hear from you again in a poem. I’m not very acitve online too at the moment due to circumstances, but I am glad I decided to take a peek on your blog. Happy 2016!

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