Seven years
We were together.
Can’t believe
It’s over
Just like that. As sudden as
A switch being thrown.

We were tight
As bark on a tree.
I knew you
You knew me
And while it wasn’t perfect
We always got by.

You picked up
My typing mistakes;
Handled mail
Paid the bills
Kept me going through long days
Sat up with me nights

Played me songs
Helped me hit deadlines.
Sure, you crashed
Now and then.
But who doesn’t? You got up

And went on.
I kept faith with you
And would have
Even now
Had some faceless, heartless suit
Not come between us.

I’ve moved on:
Your replacement is
New, young, bright,
Wants to please,
But shallow, all appearance,
Without your deep strength.

Guess I’ll learn
To live with it. But
It’s not you.
We held out
Longer than they thought we could.
Time to say goodbye.


I’m in mourning for my faithful seven-year-old PC, which I’ve been forced to replace by the imminent demise of Windows XP, So, my friends, this is the first piece produced on my fancy new machine. It has Windows 8.1, which I already heartily detest, and the latest version of MS Office, which can’t hold a candle to my trusty Word 2000…I’m feeling rather sick at heart, to be honest. The old machine was working perfectly well (if at a rather leisurely pace sometimes) and my needs haven’t really changed, so I resent being made to change. Plus, Windows 8.1 is designed with smartphone and tablet users in mind, and since I’m neither, I’m struggling to adapt. I’ve been a Microsoft man forever, and I’ll never jump the fence to Apple, but today my loyalty (not to mention my patience) has been severely tested! N.

(It’s also why I haven’t got round to leaving or replying to comments this weekend: I will make amends next week, I promise.)

10 thoughts on “PC, RIP

  1. Fabulous Shadorma Nick! See? I recognised it! No, I didnt look at the tags till after! 😊.

    I still cant befriend Windows 7 or whatever it is! I liked the windows one before 7. I have an iPad too, which helps me as I dont have to go upstairs to the computer but I dont like Apple. I dont like change – simple as that! 😄 X

    • Hi Christine – thank you! I’m not sure what troubles me more, actually: the change itself, or the fact that I’m dealing with it so badly! I daresay I’ll come round to it, but so far, I can’t see anything about this new Windows that’s an improvement over the old one, and the new Word frankly stinks. Progress, huh? This machine does at least have more RAM and a zippier processor, so everything happens a lot faster, which will be good once I get my head round it. Till then, it’s going to have to work at my pace. Slow. N.xx

  2. Oh poor pc, did you give ita nice burial? 🙂 I have a laptop that is falling to pieces and I dread the moment it will have to go. Like you, I am not keen on 8.1 (nor 8.0). Windows 7 is fine. These machines are probably not meant for eternity, as there is money to be made. Good luck ! 🙂

  3. If this old thing dies an honorable death, Nick, I think I shall have a heart attack. I haven’t been backing up properly for awhile now. Thanks for the warning! I too am not a fan of the new Windows and am holding onto Windows 7 for now, although I refuse to admit that I can’t use any operating system ever invented.
    I enjoyed the tongue in cheek pathos of this effort. You have really mastered the Shadorma. I’m afraid I’m still stuck working on the Spenserian, the Italian, and the droighneach. I don’t feel I’m a total master of either of the three forms yet. I’ve been looking at other old Celtic forms too, but man! am I up to another one? I think I’d better master the one I’ve tried first. I enjoyed this a lot, though.

    • I must confess the last couple of days have been long and painful for me, Tom. In some areas of life (music, writing, bike-riding) I love novelty and discovery, but in others – technology, in particular – I’m strongly (and increasingly) resistant to change. As you’ll see from today’s post, I think I’m finally conquering my new computer – and perhaps more importantly, my fear and loathing. And you’ve reminded me that I’ve still written only the one Spenserian: I know what I have to do today…N.

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