Jorio: Note to self

Don’t think. Just start.
No head. All heart.
This, in any art,
Is the hard part.

That’s easy to say.
But could be today
The Muse stays away
Completely. What then, eh?

Yep, guess she might.
(Or at least fight
Off any advances.) Delight
In the struggle. Write

Anyway. It’s in there.
Long as you care
Enough to dig, dare
To lay it bare

Something will eventually appear.
It’s not always clear
What, or how. Fear
Is the enemy here.

Let the words run.
Follow them for fun.
And no sooner begun
There’s a jorio done.

Hard, and no mistake,
To get going, break
The block, and shake
The poet within awake:

He (or she) sleeps
Deeply some days, keeps
Silent, still – or creeps
Away somewhere and weeps.

And even if what
You produce is not
Great Literature, you’ve got
Something. That’s a lot

Better than nothing. I
Struggle even to try
Sometimes; want to cry
In frustration. (Or die.)

But today I fought
Back and finally brought
Forth a poetical thought.
(Well, of a sort.)

Why all this striving?
It’s how I’m surviving
The rigours of living:
Seeking, remembering, finding, forgiving.


Had no idea what to write when I sat down at my desk this morning. Felt lousy. Poet, huh? I thought. Yeah, right. Ended up giving myself a stern talking-to (see above). And apologies for a rhymed jorio. It was only a matter of time. N.

10 thoughts on “Jorio: Note to self

  1. Ah Nick, you are truly a poet. I think I’ll copy this for Betty Hayes Albright. She could use the content of this right now. She’s a wonderful poet. This is such good advice for any writer. Just write. If it stinks up the heavens, then let the heavens stink! More often what will happen is that the stink is actually fertilizer in a field that is about to explode with the wondrous perfume of wildflowers.

    • The trick, of course, is to follow my own advice! The idea of ‘just writing’ is really hard for me, as both a terrible perfectionist, and someone who normally works to a brief and a schedule. But I had a lot of fun with this, and rhyming the jorio felt like the right thing for me! N.

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