Petrarchan sonnet:

How clear-cut and straightforward life would be
If all I wanted was to be a star
Or two-bit billionaire: jet, chauffeured car,
Yacht, fifty-bedroomed palace by the sea
In Monaco or Malibu; mind free
Of any thought beyond the next cigar;
Luxuriate in knowing just how far
I’d come – and that they all wish they were me.
Such little goals: all that a man requires
Is money, and they’re his. But should he yearn
To live with heart untroubled, soul unbound
And as his conscience leads him – then he’ll find
His road is hard and lonely; he must learn
To look within, find his own worth, as round
About, the world just shrugs, leaves him behind.


It’s Budget Day here in Britain today, so all the talk is of tax, spending, cuts, borrowing, debt, investment – the grey, deathly liturgy of money. This is my second go-round at the Italian/Petrarchan sonnet. It put up a good fight. N.

4 thoughts on “Petrarchan sonnet:

  1. Having retired to the point where I do a few contracts but no sustained work now, I am slowly learning “To look within, find his own worth,” while ignoring the daily effort to not starve. My oldest daughter, Sonja, said this weekend that my poetry is getting better now that I’ve retired. I’m not sure of that actually, but it is a relief not to have to always get up in the morning with the sole purpose centered on going to work even though, for the most part, I loved what I did, and it is affecting my poetry. This is a skilled Petrarchian, Nick. You are getting the hang of it for sure. Your efforts at craftsmanship have always been inspiring.

    • Thank you, Tom; I’m getting a feel for the Petrarchan, I think, but it’s not quite ‘mine’ yet. Really enjoying the learning process that you’ve started me on; even in retirement, you’re still a great teacher, inspirng me and many others to try new things and find our own worth in different ways. You can be very proud of that. N.

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