Two-way jorio: Freight train

Diesel hauling heavy freight,
Fighting hard. Cars rumbling
Over grade crossing, moving
Mountains, biting through America.


Ina, bless her, has upped the ante once again, by writing a jorio that reads vertically, as well as horizontally. Mind-bogglingly brilliant. Never one to shrink from a challenge, I’ve had a go, too: vertically, it reads

Diesel fighting over mountains,
Hauling hard, grade biting.
Heavy cars crossing through;
Freight rumbling, moving America.

Hurts the brain, but this could become dangerously addictive. N.

14 thoughts on “Two-way jorio: Freight train

  1. I think your idea is brilliant, Ina – you’ve invented a whole new poetic form! I wonder if it’s possible to write one that reads diagonally…on second thoughts, no: that way, madness lies. As it is, I’m trying to write another Petrarchan/Italian sonnet, but it’s putting up a fight! šŸ™‚ N.x

    • We’ve been slugging it out all week with sonnets, shadormas and now these jorios. I’m loving it, but I know Ina will always win: she’s both incredibly talented, and absolutely unstoppable. Quite a gal. Thanks for your comment. N.

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