Apes and auks, Balls of Fire
Barrier Reef and Britain
Circle Route,
Crested Newt,
Lakes, lengths, Exhibition.

Dixter, Fire of London, Gable
Yarmouth, Expectations
Gatsby, Plains
Western Trains
Dane, Divide, Depression.

Is Thy Faithfulness, I Am,
Pyramid of Giza
Windsor’s park
Spielberg’s shark
Escape and Wall of China

Ormond Street, West Road, leaps forward
Malvern and Train Robbery
Bear, Plague, War,
Aunt, Outdoors
Uncle, Unwashed, Rift Valley.

All named and famed for size and scale –
So gloom is hard to shake off
When Google says
What’s Great these days
Is the bloody British Bake Off.


I was struck today by the fact that if you type ‘Great’ into the UK version of Google at the moment, the first suggestion is Great British Bake Off – a TV cookery/reality/game show that, I believe has now gone global. It got me thinking about all the other ‘great’ things out there that no longer get a look-in; I ended up with quite a list – and a silly poem. N.

7 thoughts on “Great..?

    • I’m afraid so…in fact, it gets worse: one of the judges has just admitted to having an affair with his co-host on the US spin-off version…so naturally Google now considers ‘Paul Hollywood’ more important to humanity than Paul McCartney/Simon/Klee/Cezanne/Newman/Smith and The Apostle! N.

  1. But the truth is that time spools out in a million, million directions and events and great human beings happen and the garbage of moment becomes a vanishing firefly flash that disappears into the surge of gravities. I have had an experience with despair lately and am battling it. I am trying to remember that time is a long sweep that the political battles and daily irritations touch only in that they help create the whirlpools of larger movements that in the end carve existence.

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