Out there

On such a day
Is not enough; only
Will get you
Out there
In this.

It takes a deep and eager
To ride roads emptied by cold’s curfew;
Roll alone
Through dank tunnels of dripping trees,
Sumbit, mute,
To the steaming lorries’ lash
Of fume and filth,
Ignore the creeping chill of water
Closing in on skin,
Jealous of its warmth.

Give me this shot
Of wild weathers:
Let them
Wrack me as they may.
For all their force
They’ll never break
My habit.

3 thoughts on “Out there

  1. Ah, yes! That is a spirit worth emulating. Ethel and I have moved to Wisconsin from New Mexico, but are coping by going out in the forest of Potawatomi State Park where Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay waters come together and walking with our two dogs in the cold and snow. I thought of you and biking today. The Door Peninsula in Wisconsin is famous for its off road bike and cross country ski trails as well as for its galleries and theaters. Biking would not be possible right now. The wind chill here last night was well below twenty below zero Fahrenheit, but in the Spring the trails through the woods, cherry and apple orchards, along Lake Michigan and its bays, even up into Washington Island, will be wonderful.

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