High plains drifter

Long days
Long gone
In unknown, airless lands
A wordless drifter,
Eyes half-closed
Against the glare.
Out there,
They said, I’d find some answers:
God knows I searched
For sign in soft creek beds,
Scuffed down dry arroyos
In a boil of dust and gravel
Stood rim-rocked on the canyon’s edge
And stared out at the plains of promise
Shimmering, unreachable
Across the great divide.
Turned around and tried retracing
All my sidewinder steps. Too late:
Hot high wind and freak flash flood
Erased my passing from the earth,
Left my mind’s big wide-open
Empty as the drunk man’s threats.
I shot at shadows,
Spoke with stones
And tried to set my loop
Around the breeze.
Lost my mount
And found myself
Afoot In all that elemental space
With only two rounds left.
This one
Loosed off in the air
To boom and echo
Unheard in the void:
The last
Saved for myself.

3 thoughts on “High plains drifter

  1. Hi Nick, what a terrific poem. It is good to see you are back again! 🙂 I have often peeked to see if you were back 🙂 Depression is a horrible time to get through. Hopefully you will get out of it now. Big hugs

    • Hi Ina, lovely to hear from you – and congratulations on your new King!

      Glad you liked the poem; I’ve been off in a weird place from the last few weeks, but I feel like I’m coming back round now. Thank you for your good wishes. N.xx

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