The (Agri)cultural Olympiad


It’s not exactly thrill-a-minute stuff:
A straight-line dash at half-a-mile per hour.
A test of skill, not speed or human power
Played out on dry ground bristling with rough
And tawny stubble, under autumn skies.
No city raised a stadium so grand
As this, where our long struggle with the land
Is made a gentle game, and neighbour vies
With neighbour for rosettes. When we compete
On level terms for small rewards, we hold
Fast to reality. No one wins gold
Today – and no one truly tastes defeat.
For every man who took the start can say
He went out there and changed the world today.


Been working till all hours the past couple of weeks, but today I took The Guv’nor and rode an easy 15 miles or so to a ploughing match. Spent half an hour watching modern and vintage tractors, plus a couple of horse teams, striving to turn perfect furrows on the sunlit slopes of the South Downs, then trundled home again for lunch. Hard to think of a nicer way to spend a morning, really. And yes, I do know how lucky I am! N.

9 thoughts on “The (Agri)cultural Olympiad

    • LOL. ‘Trundling’ is about as fast as I ever go these days! My dictionary tells me the word comes from the Old English ‘trendel’ meaning ‘to wheel, esp. slowly and clumsily; to roll’ and if you look the The Guv’nor on the ‘Bikes’ page, you’ll see he’s made for the job! N.xx

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