Crime and punishment

Well, sky, explain how we’ve offended you
This time – why do you glower grimly down
Upon us, dark and threatening? Wish I knew
What malefaction set that furrowed frown
Across the firmament. And you, south wind –
What’s your complaint; why do you rage and roar
Against us? List the ways that we have sinned,
The wickedness we’re now atoning for.
The rain retreats for weeks, and then returns
In storm and sudden flood: the faithless sun
Leaves us in shivering grey before it burns
Our crops and gardens. What is it we’ve done?
The weather is repaying us, it seems,
For our excesses with its own extremes.

10 thoughts on “Crime and punishment

    • The radio is alive with reports of roads closed by floods and fallen trees this morning, Ina. Very un-June-like indeed. But maybe this is what we’re going to have to get used to…hope you’re OK on your island! N.xx

    • This little local difficulties do seem to reflect careless on a global scale, Charles. Every month seems to be the hottest/coldest/wettest/driest-since-records-began these days. We haven’t had a twister or plague of locusts in Sussex yet, but it’s surely only a matter of time! N.

    • Ah, dear Tom and Ethel and their poor blown-out garden. They’d be very welcome to some of our rain…it’s been throwing it down more-or-less continually (apart from one week in May that was the hottest for 300 years!) ever since they imposed drought orders in this part of England. Someone, somewhere, has a highly developed sense of humour. N.xx

    • Thank you – although I must confess I haven’t always been quite so polite when addressing the weather lately! 50 degrees F and 24 hours’ continuous rain in mid-June? I don’t think so. Not even in England. N.x

  1. Nick, the extreme weather here is the drought, which is causing terrible forest fires that are consuming thousands and thousands of acres. The sunshine, which is normally magic in New Mexico, goes on day after day. At night the weather plunges to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Then it soars to 90+ during the day. The earth is brown everywhere, and great dust devils, swirling dust clouds, walk the earth ominous and twisting. Ethel is keeping a small flower garden alive, feeding hummingbirds who are coming to her three feeders in clouds, and keeping a small amount of corn and beans alive. The apples have all frozen in the back yard and won’t produce this year.
    We would love to give you relief and take some of your rain. We would be glad to send you a little of our sunshine.
    Unfortunately, as this magnificent sonnet says,
    The weather is repaying us, it seems,
    For our excesses with its own extremes.
    I am afraid there is truth in this, but our politicians and rich 1%ers will not even consider changing what they believe for facts and obvious problems. I hope your rain stops. I hope we have rain soon.

    • We’ve been promised Summer for a day or two, but it looks as though we’ll be back to autumn for the Solstice on Thursday. Your weather sounds truly terrible, though: here’s hoping whatever’s making it crazy (here it’s the fault of the jet-stream, apparently) sorts itself out soon and gives you and your garden some relief. N.

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