Tell me: who are the great, all-knowing THEY?
No faces, names or mandate, yet with power
To buy and sell us by the pound and hour,
Strip money from our schools and give away
Our countryside for houses, make us go
On mindless missions, drag us out of sleep
Too early, ride us hard all day, then keep
Us half the night. They draw the lines we toe.
So what, then, is my life to them? They don’t
Know me, though they may think they hold my fate
In their dead hands: they’ll never pass my gate
Or walk my road. They never have. And won’t.
That’s fine by me. This lesson I have learned:
That less is better where THEY are concerned.


For everyone who has to be somewhere or do something today because THEY say so. N.

10 thoughts on “They

  1. I don’t know which is better, A dithering government that changes face every 6months or so, doing nothing but bicker with each other forever turning a blind eye to the mounting debt crisis, or a deficit hawk government that squeezes out money from the public by taxing warm pasties while turning a blind eye to wrackful bankers (well okay, one was asked to hand back a medal).
    Either way. the forecast is a gloomy one.

    Ayano xxx.

    • A good question, Ayano. I think the best we can do is remember that THEY are all essentially the same – greedy, self-interested, materialistic, inward-looking, self-aggrandising – and never count on them to do anything that doesn’t serve their own and their powerful friends’ interests in some way. I still don’t know what the Big Plan is: what will the world look and what kind of life will we have once they’ve cut the deficit? All I can be certain of is that THEY will still be here and doing-very-nicely-thank-you, whatever happens! N.xx

  2. Poets are not supposed to be much in with the THEY, but, unfortunately, THEY even have inroads with poetry with THEIR money for publishing and cliques and exploitation of whatever passion they create. I am afraid THEY are on the verge of destroying the contemporary world with THEIR greed, but as long as we have woods, hawks, and paths that go in and out of sunlight, THEY is just THEY, self important egoists who have never been in the world while THEY believe THEY are making the world go round. Good sonnet, Nick.

      • Well, I’m back from DC, a little wearier, but okay. The halls of bureaucracy are still there. Our most important funding source, Section 117 of the Carl Perkins Act, is up for reauthorization by the U.S. Congress, and they, of course, have decided to fight over the Carl Perkins Act. The Department of Education does not want the school to close, but they are going to keep us alive, but have decided I have to produce a book full of statistics, narrative, budget, and budget narrative by June 15t

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