No entry

The sign is clear,
Can’t be denied:
Guess I’ll just have to
Wait outside.




Spotted this intriguing notice on the door of the sports pavilion in the village where my parents live. I think they’re probably referring to football and cricket boots; but it’s a lot funnier if you read it the way I did. N.

11 thoughts on “No entry

    • According to the village girls, there aren’t too many studs OUTSIDE the pavilion either, Tom. At least, not since I left…

      And I can think of few greater pleasures than you and me standing out there watching the sun drop behind the woods, sipping warm English ale and shootin’ the breeze. It could happen! N.

      • Ah, the well’s run a bit dry of late, Tom. Life’s been busy and I’ve been working a lot, and somehow the poems don’t seem to come at the moment – although happily the words still show up when people are payin’ for ’em!

        I’m hoping I’ll get my mojo working again soon, though. Trust all’s well with you, my friend. And thanks for staying with me.


      • I doubt the well has run dry. More likely you are in what I call a work jag where you have no time to think or really even feel. I’ve been in one of those too, I’m afraid. I’m off to Washington DC tomorrow, a place where I’ve spent way too much of my time, and I’ve been writing long, difficult proposals for money for the college–not to speak of dealing with teachers and students and their endless list of complaints, problems, and genuine crises. I wrote nothing for two weeks. Then yesterday I got the time, so I finished another section of the dragon epic. When you get time, though, all you have to do is take a notebook out in a wood, describe the first thing that catches your eye, put some doubt in somehow, and then work your way into understanding or enlightenment or a heightened emotional state like fear or love, and you’ll have a masterpiece. That’s the magic of a true poet, and you are a true poet if ever one existed. In the meantime, go over your old poems and start trying to order them into a book. You have enough really good poems to try for one. Although I know, I know: Work! I can retire in August and have been thinking about it, but probably will not until I have the college to the place where it can survive as a top minority serving college without my presence. I’m hoping for next Spring. I suspect I’ll still do a little freelancing, but only a little so I can have time for poetry and Nick Moore, among others.

  1. LOL! :):)

    I shouldn’t be on WP but couldn’t resist this!

    Just to say I don’t know if you’ve seen my update but I’m in a bit of strife at the moment so can’t comment much or post. Don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you :):) xx

    • I’ve been very remiss myself the last few days; lots on with work and life in what they laughingly call the Real World. Sorry to hear about your indisposition; hope you’re on the mend and back with us soon. N.xx

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