The driest winter ever – twice – brings drought:
The reservoirs half-empty, hosepipes banned,
Groundwater critical, dark talk about
The standpipes springing up across the land
Just like they did way back in ’76.
With twice the average rain we’ll be OK
They tell us (that is, if they ever fix
The countless leaks that let it slip away).
The story’s different if you walk or ride:
No water shortage here that I can see.
Seems I get soaked each time I step outside:
My boots protest; bikes glare accusingly.
And whether you believe that we’re to blame,
Ask me, it’s started. Things won’t be the same.

4 thoughts on “Drought

  1. Hi Nick, goodmorning,
    what an apocalyptic end to this lovely sonnet! (“it’s started..”.)
    The climate is still confused I suppose, as it is much colder now than in February? But the sun is shining here today! Hurray! Hurray! 🙂 Have a good productive day!

    • Hi Ina – yes, it was a bit end-of-the-worldish, wasn’t it? Four days later and the weather’s as bad as ever here; got drenched and filthy on the bike this morning, which seems very unfair for May! Looking better for the weekend, they say…! N.xx

  2. The drought in New Mexico is bad too, Nick, and if we got rain while out riding or walking we’d probably start to dance and sing. The fact that you’re getting wet is a good sign. The main thing we are hoping for is that the huge fires won’t come again this summer. Last summer the great Arizona fire sent smoke so thick our way that we could hardly breathe even though we went out and bought an air cleaner. The air was hazy with smoke for weeks, and we held our breath every time we saw a puff of smoke in the sky. Were the Zuni Mountains outside our house in Continental Divide burning?
    I believe that things won’t be the same going forward, that the scientists are right, and global warming is a major problem we need to deal with. I believe it has started.
    As usual this is a great Shakespearean sonnet.

    • I guess it’s every Englishman’s birthright to grumble about the weather, Tom – and you’re right, we’re grateful for the rain,, having watched our garden turning into a little bit of New Mexico and wondering how we were going to keep it alive. We don’t seem to be taking climate change nearly seriously enough over here yet, perhaps because we don’t have the real extremes that you do in the States – but I think that’s going to be different in years to come. There was a tornado reported near Oxford the other day…oh, it’s coming all right. N.

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