Christmas sonnet

You know who you are…

What can I give to you this Christmas-tide?
My arm is not so long that I can bring
A gift to each of you, spread far and wide
Across the world. I cannot hope to sing
A carol that would reach (or please) your ears:
The turkey has not lived yet that could feed
Us all, and if I worked a thousand years
I’d not repay the time you take to read
My humble verse and leave your comments. So
I offer you, my friends, this year’s last post
With warmest Christmas wishes. You should know
Your work, your words and wisdom mean the most.
Long may we share this journey we’ve begun:
God bless us, WordPress poets, every one.


See you all in 2012.

12 thoughts on “Christmas sonnet

    • And to you. You’re one of those special people who makes this whole thing worthwhile. I should also say that your work has brought me great joy and inspiration this year: I’m so, so glad you took the plunge and joined in the fun! N. x

    • Happy New Year to you, John – I don’t think any amount of poetic licence could conjure that turkey into existence! Which perhaps is just as well. Hope you had a good Christmas; looking forward to more of your wonderful poetry:prose conversions in the year ahead.

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