6 thoughts on “Flute

    • Thank you, Ina – our little Community Orchestra had its Christmas concert last night, which was wonderful: I played flute, and my father and daughter both played violin. I bet not even the London Symphony Orchestra can boast three generations of the same family within its ranks! Music is truly a magical thing.

  1. Hi Nick,

    I haven’t caught up on your last poem yet but have just read this and think it’s amazing! (IMHO!! :))

    My eldest daughter played the flute for many years. Sadly career and now children have laid it to rest, hopefully, not for good. Maybe if she realised she is in possession of “a bright magic wand” she would think again! I just love that last verse!!


    • Ah yes. I played a lot when I was at school and university, but then I started work and, to my shame, my flute gathered dust for 20 years. What got me started again was attending my daughter’s concerts: I saw kids up on stage playing flutes, and I thought ‘I used to do that’. So last year I bought a new flute, joined the Community Orchestra and now I’m playing every day and absolutely in love with it (heck, I’m even writing poetry about it!) It’s one of those things: it’s only when you start playing again that you realise how much you missed it. I do hope your daughter picks it up: she won’t regret it, I promise. N.x

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