Autumn Statement

I don’t have any answers:
I can’t begin to tell
When things will all come right again
And we’ll escape this hell
Of joblessness and hopelessness
Inflation, debt and pain.

But I can show you where the first
Wild daffodils are found,
The woodland glades where sunlight plays
The fox’s hunting ground,
The stream where kingfishers flash by
Old paths and secret ways.

For as our vanities are burned
The wild world stands immune.
Grass grows, trees bud, rivers run clear,
Each bird sings out his tune.
And when the money-men have gone
Such things will still be here.

11 thoughts on “Autumn Statement

    • Then my work here is done: that’s exactly the response I’d been hoping for. Thank you. I just felt I had to write something to deflect my own attention from the economy: there’s nothing I (or I suspect anyone else) can do about it so why should I dwell on it? Call me a hopeless romantic (you wouldn’t be the first) but I think there are plenty of things in life that are still, mercifully, free and uncorrupted – that’s what I wanted to celebrate in this piece. The picture, by the way, is of one of my favourite paths; a proper old sunken Sussex lane that links two bits of nowhere-in-particular.

    • Hi Charles

      Yours is an opinion I value extremely highly – so I’m delighted you like this piece. Maybe I have my head in the clouds (or do I mean the sand 😉 ?) but since there’s nothing I (or, it seems, anyone else much) can do about the economic situation, I’m determined to focus on the things that REALLY matter and have nothing to do with money.

  1. Hi Nick,
    you are so right, the beauty of nature will be there. Maybe we will have to look at things differently and appreciate what is there for all of us to enjoy, in spite of fearing hard economic times. But it will be a rocky future for some, who have tried to make a living with hard work, now jobless, and that still is sad. Let’s hope our children wil still have a safe future!

    • Having been freelance for 12 years, I’ve rather forgotten what security is, but things are definitely more precarious now than they’ve ever been. All the more reason to get outside and enjoy the things that aren’t affected by it all, I suppose! I think they have a word for my attitude…oh yes, denial, that’s the one! 🙂

      • Yes freelance means never being sure, have been so for 14 years, but always with the same publisher. We need to appreciate more what we always took for granted!
        And denial is the best way to stay happy lol. 😉

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