Sustainable transport


You talk about the old days;
You talk about the old ways:
My course has run unaltered
These five hundred years and more.
Great estates and families faltered:
I endured, enshrined in law.

Each generation knew me,
Their boots and habits drew me:
The traveller and teacher,
The journeyman for hire;
The ploughman and the preacher
The shepherd and the squire;

The heedless, hopeless lover,
The poacher back from covert,
All passed this way. I saw them
In all weathers, season-round
By bridge and stile I bore them
Safe wherever they were bound.

And when the oil stops flowing
And the world is clean at last,
I’ll still get you where you’re going
As I did in ages past.

13 thoughts on “Sustainable transport

  1. Hi Nick,
    this image (is that your dog in it?) is lovely, and is beautiful like your poem, so muchthat those old footpaths were witness of, the long parade of the coming and going, and they have all gone, but the path it is still there, like the old trees on its route.

    The path is different of that of David’s last post, the tree is less wild, the scene very English? I enjoy this one also though The light and the dog in the middle make it look like a 19th or 18th century painting.

    I am going to look up what a heedless lover is πŸ™‚

    • Indeed that is the handsome lad himself in the picture; he can look like a dog from a painting by Stubbs (something else for you to Google!) when he puts his mind to it. ‘Heedless’ just means ‘not paying attention’ – wandering along with your head in the clouds, as lovers do πŸ™‚

  2. I love this Nick – both the photo and the poem.

    I found my mind drifting after reading this to lanes of my acquaintance – one in particular which ran between the house in which I was born and the farm next door and led to………nowhere really πŸ™‚
    I shall entertain myself later on today by seeing if I can find a picture on the web


  3. I really enjoyed this this poem. Being an avid pedestrian, I love my pathways, especially the one that runs along the river near my house. It’s certainly a more pleasant path to town than the highway.

    I felt a lovely gentle breeze for the days of yore and the joys of being outdoors within this poem. Delightful. Thankyou for sharing it. πŸ™‚


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