Back at my own desk
After two long days away
Making virtual words
From pixels and photons

I dip my dry, spluttering pen
Deep in ink the colour of crushed grass,
Wind it in with thumb and finger,
And follow its slow rise and fill

With my first long breath
Since the one I took
As the front door closed this morning
And, unknowing, had been holding

Until now.

8 thoughts on “Refilling

  1. Hi Nick,
    refilled like the pen (I like that thought) with new ideas and energy I hope you will make the most of the day 🙂
    I am on the first page of a new novel and I think I might need a deep breath too. 🙂

    • Thank you John – I read somewhere that green ink is the colour of ‘knaves and the insane’…but those couple of days made me realise that I’m the sane one: it’s the rest of the world that’s crazy!

  2. Ah, I love this Nick.

    And I love the thought of ink “ink the colour of crushed grass,”

    I have just been standing at my window this morning looking out at the colours of the sky and inhaling the day with a deep breath. Lovely


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