Virtual commute

Out of it

The dull, another-day-dawns groan
From the endless procession
Of gleaming, rat-racing cars reaches me
Across a quarter-mile of fields.

That was me
Out there, on the road, at about this time.
Not now. Nor ever again.
Not if I can help it.

Maybe I’m less
Than I might be, should be:
While I walk in these cold woods
The world runs on without me
And doesn’t seem
To feel the loss.
I can live with that.

I call the dog
Run up the hill,
Dry leaves cracking like early ice
Beneath my boots,
Through wedges of dusty sunlight
Driven between the fading hornbeams,

Loving every moment
Of my virtual commute
To what the world pretends
Is real work
But I know
To be simply an illusion.

7 thoughts on “Virtual commute

  1. Hi Nick 🙂 I love the possitive feel that I get here. Not to be part of that daily procession must be a relief 🙂 Does this apply to your real life?
    I never understood that rat racing thing. Enjoy your wood days

  2. All true, I’m pleased to say. Haven’t had a commute or a full-time job in 12 years and don’t miss either of them. Working freelance definitely isn’t an easy option, but it’s the only way for me. Glad you got a positive feeling from the poem, too.

    • Good evening my friend – haven’t been ignoring you, but away in Wales until late yesterday, then back on a ‘real’ commute today (and again tomorrow) to earn a crust. Makes me appreciate the ‘virtual’ one all the more! Thanks for your comment; an affirmation that I really needed after the day I’ve just had!

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