Rock ‘n’ roll dreams

Guitar zero

I cannot play guitar although I tried so very hard to,
Like Eric Clapton, David Gilmour or The Edge from U2
Heard Slash from Guns ‘N Roses and I yearned to make an axe sing
Like him, but found his power chords and riffs were much too taxing.
Two decades after Bryan Adams got his first real six-string
I’d played it till my fingers bled but soon discovered mixing
Rock-and-roll with working wasn’t good for my career, so
I cast away my youthful dream to be a guitar hero.
And now I’m nearly forty-three, aware I’ll never master
The magic and the mystery of the Fender Stratocaster.
Keith Richards, Satriani and the rest need never fear me:
I’ll stick to what I know (three chords). Be grateful you can’t hear me.


8 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ roll dreams

  1. Hi Nick,
    lol but never give up! 43 is not that old really.

    Those famous artists started a bit younger maybe, but the older they get (if still alive) the better? And fame, pff it is your loved ones who need to like it, right?

    Santana, wasn’t he good too? Not sure what his job is these days.
    It is great you play guitar 🙂 You only need 3 chords to make good music! My son played in a band and he never knew more than 3 so there.
    I like Spanish guitar music. My husband plays it a little and it is sweet. Maybe it is easier to play balads!

    Have a good time making music!

    • Thank you Ina – I shall actually be 43 next month (or as I prefer to put it, 18 with 25 years’ experience). Happily my flute-playing is rather better than my guitar-playing. This is one of the silliest poems I’ve written for a long time, but I did enjoy it!

    • LOL. Don’t know about Ireland, but I bet you could play football for England at the moment. Except they wouldn’t have you because you’re a thoroughly nice, decent, intelligent, sensitive and generous man, so you wouldn’t fit with them in at all!! It was fun to write a really daft poem for a change; I can recommend it. Very liberating.

  2. Hi Nick,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this “daft” poem! It brought a big smile to my face.

    Now a confession, and because I have MS and we all need perks I am blaming it for the fact that I thoroughly overlooked your email regarding your new site! Consequently I have missed some of your poems; I will catch up soon!


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