Spells of rain

The Met Office –
With all their talk
Of satellites
Doppler radar
And models crunched on mainframes –
Don’t fool me:
In her den
Beneath the building
The weather-witch
Is in control.
Firing up her cauldron
She conjures clouds
From the rising steam.
More cackled incantations
Fill them, chill them
Then spill them over southern England.
And on the screen
Her familiar
In the form of a smiling, suntanned man
Foretells her next week’s wicked work:
To put us under
Spells of rain
And turn fair Summer
Into a crabbed and wrinkled Autumn.

11 thoughts on “Forecast

  1. *Smiling*

    I have a friend who describes the “smiling, suntanned man” who does the weather on our local television progamme as “a really nice young man – the sort you wouldn’t mind your daughter marrying. But he knows nothing about the weather!”

    On a more serious note we do seem to be moving toward a 3 season year – Spring, Autumn and Winter. Summer appears to be gradually disappearing.

    Mind you, I like Autumn. Although the weather-witch in Yorkshire is clearly throwing a hissy fit this morning

    • Ah yes, you have a special relationship with her in God’s own county. We lived in Pickering for a while, and have family in Harrogate, so we know Yorkshire, and just what a vile temper the local weather-witch can have!

  2. 🙂 This is a fun poem, I know that witch! She cooked up a storm today! Somehow the weather persons think the 37 degrees C (100F?) in Greece is “Nice Summer weather”. I think 20 C sounds more like it 🙂

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