From Brittany #2

Word hunting

The words I seek
Don’t live in my town

But out here,

Shining, sea-wet, in the sand
Flying in skeins

Resting on rocks
Or perched in trees

Half-seen out at sea
Or round sudden bends in the narrow cliff-path.

With the poacher’s patience
And fisherman’s finesse

I can catch them
Hold them for a moment

Before they wriggle free
Leaving only their warmth behind.

And a single juicy one in the bag
Is all it takes to feed me.


13 thoughts on “From Brittany #2

  1. I love this!

    More words slip away than I can keep!I love your clever metaphors.

    Can I be cheeky and take this opportunity to tell you that David finally nudged me enough to walk into the world of poetry on WordPress! I must stress I am a total beginner and have lots to learn but I am enjoying the journey.

    I hope you had a good holiday.

    Christine x

    • Oh my goodness, what wonderful news. As a beginner myself, I can only say you won’t regret it – and David is an absolute tower of strength; a real inspiration personally and poetically. I’m so looking forward to reading your work – and thank you so much for your generous support on my own journey.

  2. Ah Nick, I shall be smiling as I go through my day looking for that word.

    And although I am unlikely to find it in the Post Office or in Marks and Spencers it will sometimes appear in the strangest places 🙂 That’s why I never go out without a pen and a notepad 🙂

    Loved this poem


    • Thank you, John – at the moment it doesn’t feel as though there are as many words here as there were in the wilds of Brittany, but I’m sure once I get back into the swing of things, they’ll start popping up again!

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