Too much of a good thing

Losing myself

I have found myself
So filled with others’ clamour
My own word-hoard is spent and plundered.
I have measured each hour’s value
While leaving its true worth unweighed;
Made walking in the woods and fields
Another tick on the to-do list,
Gloried in the dawn departures
And burning quarts of midnight oil,
Talked of plans and strategies,
Of doing, being, wanting more.

So I must lose myself
Again; become forgetful,
Run my hands along the bark
Of growing trees, watch the wind
Turn ash-leaves silver,
Smell the grass the cows have trodden,
Find my old ways through the woods.
And if I wander far enough
I know that I will meet myself
Coming back again.


14 thoughts on “Too much of a good thing

  1. Hi Nick
    You wrote poem here that must come straight from the heart. A burn out is not something to look forward to. A good idea to lose yourself again and forget a bit of the stress sounds fine to me. 🙂 Take good care!

    • Hi Ina – yes, it’s been a fairly hectic fortnight! It’s the problem inherent in working freelance: always too much or too little, feast or famine. Of course, I’m grateful that the work’s coming in at the moment (it’s been even more irregular than usual for the last couple of years) but I can easily find myself getting sucked in andn overwhelmed; hence the title. Things looks like calming down a bit next week..! Thanks for your kind words, as always.

      • I can relate to that, being freelance (writer) myself. What do you do for work? (I might have asked before not sure 🙂 ) And you are welcome 🙂

  2. I’m a writer too, but a purely commercial one: advertising (print/online/radio), brochures, direct mail, websites, training manuals – you name it. All kinds of clients,from small local businesses to motor manufacturers – and even Her Majesty’s Royal Navy! It pays the bills (just!) but if I could quit and write poetry instead I’d do it tomorrow!

  3. Still it is creative work! I do stories and it is the dream job for me lol.
    The navy, so you write slogans like: We want you! 🙂
    I hope you do keep writing poetry, you do it very well! Enjoy your day!

  4. I had a wry smile on my face Nick as I read your first verse – my tendency to turn pleasures into chores by putting them on to-do lists!!

    Every now and then I need to remind myself that a spare half hour is to be treasured, not to be filled with busy!!

    But we learn – Balance is such a simple word, but its application so often escapes me 🙂

    When you meet yourself coming back don’t forget to stop and chat – you will find you are good company 🙂

    Have a real good weekend


  5. When you find the secret of balance, you will tell me what it is, won’t you?!! Today’s been slightly less manic – and hey, it’s Friday, so all’s right with the world again.
    Thank you so much for your kind words, my friend – your warmth and generosity really do make a difference. Have a fine weekend yourself.

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