No place to go

Memory Lane

I started down it
Thinking –
I’m glad to be back
Here. Faces were familiar
Seemed pleased to see me;
Places appeared
Just as I left them
And every breath was charged with scents
Unchanged by clock or calendar.

But soon
I found the surface breaking up
Sharp shards of recollection
Getting in my shoes
Things long-buried
And best forgotten
Dug up and left along the roadside
Heavy traffic coming fast
Round blind corners
And no sign that suggested
It led anywhere at all.

6 thoughts on “No place to go

  1. I have a wry smile on my face Nick.

    Wandering down memory lane unaccompanied is not always a safe place to be!! 🙂

    Take care of yourself


  2. Poor old Memory Lane: no longer a quiet country track but a dangerous highway! “And no sign that suggested/ It led anywhere at all!”. I love that ending … and those opening lines which draw the reader in. “Sharp shards of recollection” too.
    (A tiny quibble if you’ll allow me: “And every breath was charged with scents/ Unmarked by clock or calendar”. It sounds good, and makes a strong observation, but can scents be ‘marked’? Would something like ‘unchanged’ be better? It’s not important though.)
    You should go by bike next time Nick!

    • Many thanks as ever for the constructive feedback, John. As you’ve correctly surmised, I struggled with that word ‘unmarked’! I left it in for its (perhaps too) subtle alternative meaning of ‘unrecognised’ (as in to ‘mark’ an anniversary) – that these scents and memories had gone unnoticed by Time (and were therefore unchanged, which I guess proves you’re right!) I’ll give ‘unchanged’ a try – always delighted to receive suggestions.

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