Exposed on Bankside


The woman
In a tight black dress and nipped-in jacket
(But not for her)
Calls a contact overseas
So stridently she scarcely needs 
Her smartphone in its pink leather case;
A long-range artillery exchange
With names as targets,
Dates and times as ordnance.
She signs off, looks round
To make certain
She’s been overheard
Giving out her full plus-four-four dialling code.
Consults the papers
Tucked under one plump arm,
Makes firm, important pencillings,
Snaps the folder shut.
Another call:
Leaves a message for a minion,
Swirls her power and grip on things
Around her like a villain’s cape.
Consults her watch:
Flips the phone cover open
And gazes, rapt
Like a miser at his money-chest.
Then thumbs great secrets
Into the keypad:
Revealing more than she intends
In the moving of her lips.

It seems slightly unfair to single out this one person; you could fire a cannon down any street in London and be sure of hitting at least a dozen just like her.

8 thoughts on “Exposed on Bankside

  1. OMG…they’re everywhere…I really dislike these folks…they are new to power and thus like the nouveax riches must make a scene to prove their worth…excellent poem about them.

  2. Damn, you saw me.

    In truth, my circumstances and wages don’t stretch to accomodating power dressing, so I have to rely on good old mind manipulation to get what I want. My mother always told me, if you really want to be heard, lower your voice and keep it deep.

    A pink mobile phone case? Really? Maybe she was a … ssshhh 😉 Excellent poem.

    • I couldn’t do a job where I had to dress the part (I know, I’ve tried) I’m not much good at mind manipulation either, but I do like to keep people guessing by leaving my mobile switched off in a drawer for days on end. Kind of a ‘stealth copywriter’. Glad you enjoyed the poem.

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