Back from the dead

Dead lucky

He didn’t know
When he spied the dozen
Cakes left cooling in the kitchen
That underneath its icing
And chirpy chocolate eggs
Each contained
Concealed in its sweetness
Small wrinkled packages
Of death by renal failure:
Just that they were there, unwatched
And within reach
Of his questing needle nose.

A lethal dose
In those few furtive swallows;
A moment’s greed
Became a frantic hour
Of hectic emetics
That proved

So to the vet’s
Sunday-afternoon silent
Where fair faces and healing hands
Made saviours of simple soda crystals.

The lad rose
And walked away.
And once again on Easter Day
Was made to taste defeat.

Yes, I’m afraid the whippet’s been in the wars again. Yesterday, he stole a couple of my wife’s delicious homemade Easter muffins off the kitchen worktop when we weren’t watching. Trouble was, they contained sultanas, and any grape, fresh or dried, is potentially lethal to dogs when ingested, even in tiny quantities. We couldn’t make him vomit them up, so it was off to the vets, who fortunately are two minutes’ walk away. They took the lad off into a backroom and got some soda crystals down him, which had (from our point of view, if not his) the desired effect. He seems none the worse for his brush with death, thank goodness, but by golly it’s hard on the nerves. I hope it doesn’t contravene any rules of the RCVS to publicly thank Rose the vet and Bex the nurse for their prompt, expert and sympathetic treatment – both of the lad himself, and us.

10 thoughts on “Back from the dead

  1. Who said only cats have nine lives? Glad to hear of your dog’s Easter resurrection from Easter indulgences … Could have been a very different tale indeed. – Brendan

    • Yeah, we’re pretty high on our vets’ ‘Best Client’ list at the moment. Luckily he’s too stupid to remember what they did to him on his last visit and still trots in happily every time!

  2. Oh sheesh, I didn’t know whether I was allowed to laugh out loud, but I did. It seems such a huge injustice that cats aren’t allowed to eat chocolate. Who decided that then? If only it were the other way around and then I could give up chocolate and never feel guilty again. 🙂

    • Oh, laughing is definitely permitted. Now, anyway! Not sure how amused I’ll be tomorrow when we get the bill, but that’s another story (poem?) Chocolate is verboten for dogs, too, but the vet was a lot more worried about the 40-odd sultanas than the two Cadbury’s mini-eggs!

  3. Thank goodness for a happy ending. Although heaven knows what the poor dog thought you were doing to him!! 🙂

    I am not supposed to eat chocolate either, but those cakes sound lovely – I hope the rest of you enjoy them

    • He gave us a fairly wide berth for a few hours afterwards, I can tell you. All seems to be forgiven now, and he’s absolutely fine, although I’m still reeling from the bill, which worked out at about a pound per sultana! Of course, there weren’t quite so many cakes to go round following this little episode…but the ones we DID eat were wonderful.

  4. So glad he was okay – I knew that grapes were poisonous, but I didn’t know that even a seriously small amount can still damage our dogs? I don’t let Stormy near them, but it just goes to show how easy they can get themselves into trouble.

    Chloe xx

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