Stepping out

Doing the loco motion

Every step
Is a controlled fall;

For that moment –
So instantly-over we never see it –
We let go,
Give in to gravity
And hurl ourselves
A few inches towards the earth

The plunge arrested
By an unthinking foot
Obeying its lifelong training
And being in the right
(or left)
Place exactly when it should be.

Some days I wish
I could remain
In full control
Maintain a perfect balance;
Never know the wide-eyed lurch,
The will-I-won’t-I fear
Of leaning just too far,
Going off the edge.

But the price would be

And so today
I chose to walk once more,
To trust the ground to take my weight
And unseen hands to catch me.

8 thoughts on “Stepping out

  1. *Smile*

    I sometimes ponder on the instinct which causes us to learn to walk in the first place – because, almost certainly, at the time we did we could get to where we wanted to go by crawling!!
    And yet we learn how to do something which is incredibly complicated to master – particularly walking down stairs. If I stand at the top of a flight of stairs and try to think consciously about what I have to do………….
    And then there are all those other skills which we learn and never forget – like riding a bike. I remember watching my son learn to do that and his pleasure at the first time without stabilisers.

    I have enjoyed Nick the thoughts this poem brought to mind

    • Hi David – glad you enjoyed the poem. Another thing-we-never-think-about is catching a ball; the physics, physiology and mathematics of that simple action are mind-boggling. The one that’s really taxing my brain at the moment is reading music, which I haven’t done properly for about 20 years; the old grey matter definitely isn’t as elastic as it used to be, and the neural pathways to my fingers are a bit overgrown!

      • *Smile* There is nothing I enjoy more Nick than kicking a ball on a beach. It is just that these days the command from my brain to my feet seems to take longer to arrive!!

  2. I was never very good at kicking a ball, even as a child; not much hope for me at this advanced age…even the dog is better at football than me. Just need to find someone to pay him £200,000 a week now!

  3. I’ve felt I was either walking in the dark or on the point of falling a lot this week. But I made it – and that’s largely due to this blog, and lovely comments like yours. Thank you, Ina, as always.

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