In the master's footsteps

Dylan’s way

My feet fell in
With Dylan’s way
Along the Aeron,
Where it slips and tumbles
Demob-happy as it nears the sea
Dipper-deep over salmon-smooth stones.

The red kites rode the wind
Over the woods

And I drank deep
As the Young Dog himself
On the lash in Laugharne
Of the giddy, untainted air.

Dylan Thomas loved the Aeron valley in Ceredigion, and regularly walked along the lane that runs past my mother-in-law’s house. His ghost is good company.

5 thoughts on “In the master's footsteps

  1. Ah one of my favorite poets…at my house it is tradition to play “A Child’s Christmas In Wales” during the holiday season…years ago a friend gave me a record of him reading the poem as well as others since then it has become standard to play the recording.

  2. My late father-in-law would have approved: he always played Richard Burton’s reading of ‘Under Milk Wood’ when we were down in Wales at Christmas. And he did not go gently into that good night. Many thanks for the gold star, Charles; I have a lot of reading to catch up on!

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