So long, Gerry

In one of those odd, slightly spooky coincidences, I listened to one of my all-time top-10 albums, ‘City to City’ by Gerry Rafferty, on my way to a client meeting yesterday morning – only to hear his death at the age of 63 announced on the news that evening. His lasting memorial will be the anthemic ‘Baker Street’, which was a big hit here and in the USA in the 70s; my favourite song of his, though, is probably ‘The Way It Always Starts’, co-written with guitar legend Mark Knopfler for the movie ‘Local Hero’. Fame and fortune weren’t kind to Rafferty; let’s hope he’s now found the peace that eluded him in life.


Something made me take
That CD off the shelf.
Not my usual choice
For a Monday-morning beat-the-traffic
Run from town to town.
It filled the car from front to back
With sad songs and singalongs,
Folksy musings on love and loss
Swirled high by a soaring sax;
A simple, sweet perfection
Salmon-smooth, fish-hook sharp,
That made me wonder
Where he’d gone.
And then back home,
I flicked the radio from off to on
And wished I’d never asked.

2 thoughts on “So long, Gerry

    • Thanks Charles – I’ve never been one for heroes, but there was an integrity about Gerry Rafferty that I really admired. He was a reluctant star, in an age when people became famous because they were actually GOOD at something, unlike today.

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